01. Recommended Image Size for Ad Posting

We highly recommend using w630 x h371 for your images.

02. Do you accept ad posting outside the Philippines?

General rule is ad poster should be located here in the Philippines.

Example: A company which is engaged with travel and tours business wherein travels are outside of the country.  This is permitted.

03. How long will my ad post last?

Ads will last for 60 days.  We decided to put a time limit for the ads to make sure that all live ads on BuyatSell.com are up to date.

04. Are all Advertisements Legit?

We try as much as we can to check if the ads are legit or not but please also do practice extra caution when dealing with companies and individuals who placed their ads on the site.  We encourage everyone to give us a feedback of an ad poster who’s a scammer and we’ll investigate.  Thank you!

05. Why is my ad deleted or not approved?

Most of the time, ads are not approved because you didn’t add any image or picture. Please add at least 1 picture of your product or service you are offering.

Sometimes ad poster is doing multiple ad posts that are basically the same. Ad poster just uses different titles or shuffles the details listed in the description. We do not heavily moderate this but please be considerate and not flood the whole front page with the same ads. Thank you!


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