Squalene C: 500 Mg Slo Best For Your Pets Supplemental Needs

SLO OR ALSO KNOWN AS SHARK LIVER OIL CAPSULES (VERY AFFORDABLE) Price : SQUALENE C: 465 pesos per 500 capsules (Bigger dosage means better health… better wealth)
What is Shark Liver Oil?
Shark liver oil is extracted from the livers of deep-water sharks which that typically inhabit the cold, non-polluted waters of the sea. Raw shark liver oil that is minimally processed contains life-enhancing compounds including Alkylglycerol (or Alkoxyglycerol, AKG, Glycerol Ether Lipid), Squalene, and natural trace elements. Shark liver oil is typically obtained from sharks that are caught as a by-product of deep-sea fishing, making a valuable remedy from a natural resource that would have otherwise gone to waste.
Shark liver oil is an oil obtained from the livers of sharks. It has been used for centuries as a remedy to promote the healing of wounds and as a remedy for respiratory tract and digestive system problems.
It is still promoted as a dietary supplement, and additional claims have been made that it can treat other maladies such as cancer, HIV, radiation illness, swine flu and the common cold.
– Known as the AMAZING Healer and considered as the richest source of squalene. – Shark liver oil is known to help strengthen and regenerate the immune system while benefiting many other functions and organs of the body. – Is used along with usual cancerdrugs to treat leukemia and other cancers; to prevent radiation illness from cancer X-ray therapy; to prevent the common cold, flu, and swine flu; and to boost the body’s immune system. -It is also used for increasing white cell counts during treatment with anti-cancer drugs (chemotherapy). White cells are important in fighting off infection, but many are killed by chemotherapy.
– People apply shark liver oil directly to the skin for skin conditions including skin cancer. – Very good source of Vitamins A and D – Bountiful sources of omega 3 fatty acids – Appetite Stimulator – Very good anti-oxidant especially for active pets – Prevents dryness, rough and scaly skin – Good for pet dogs, cats, african lovebirds, birds, game fowls etc. etc. – Proven safe and effective You can reach me at 09195272603 for your orders..
FREE DELIVERY for bulk orders..
2 packs minimum per order or meet up. There's a minimum worth of purchase for free delivery per location.

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